Disrupt Trading Software Scam Exposed – Clear and Clean Review

WhatOneNeeds is here to warn you against a SCAM and BLACKLIST notification about the Disrupt Trading Software, and Greg Hardman who is the so-called founder of this fraud system. We have considered this scheme in detail which is actually disturbing in nature due to the misleading and false sales tactics that are used to manipulate and lure the innocent day-traders into the trap of a verified binary options SCAM. Once we are trapped into the SPAM emails, you should be ready to lose your entire deposited amount. All our team researchers have sensed something really fishy as we have started receiving their emails. So we have decided to conduct a full-fledged investigation and what we wanted to expose as it was a nasty can of creepy worms. We get to know that we hit a nerve when we have started receiving threats to take down this article. So let us explore what we have discovered in our investigation.

Proof of Scam

Well, this is a crystal clear case which leaves no room for any hesitation or any misunderstanding. Our team has discovered that in the video testimonials that are available on the official website which presents Mr. Greg Hardman who is really a paid actor. It’s very plain to notice down that he is the same actor who is earlier being hired for an older scam which is called the Lie Detector Millionaire and where he has told that he is Mr. Jonas Kane and is a retired military general or a polygraph examiner. So this completely justifies the implications of the whole scheme, you can obviously stop or look for a different stream to find any kind of proofs against it.


If you think, you need some more proofs then just read out how this fraud software behaves. We would like to warn you about the personal experience of what has happened to us. In the starting weeks, the brand credited our account with $118 whereas later the account balance is reduced to $0. Where has the money gone? And why do we need to trust this system? Do you still want to go for this scam?

Fake Testimonials and Image Bank Actors

Gradually as we moved forward and progressed and we have noticed that there are other SCAM tactics what we have been searching for. It’s quite clear that Cindy Henderson does not hold on the real identity or it is quite possible that her image is a stolen one from the internet without any permission or any of her written consent. Our team is pretty much sure that there is no piece of the credible information. Our team is constantly working to gather all the fake testimonials from the real people who have suffered the fraud from this fake software. So, stay alerted if you have been approached by these frauds ever.

Disrupt Trading is a Scam

The pitching for Sales starts off as soon as the Greg Hardman bets $1 and how he can make you earn $12,765.98, are we that idiots to believe this much? No one ever in the trading business is able to make that much. There is to be noted that there is an “invisible glitch” which sounds actually familiar? To keep it simple, we can simply say that everything that the system pitches off is a SCAM. So don’t trust this scam and save your hard-earned money which can be better invested into something beneficial and not into this system.


Is it free?

No, not at all! Disrupt Trading is going to cost around $250, and this much amount will be deposited to the broker one you are willing to sign up with this brand. The software is pitched to be free but it is not, where it is another way to attract you towards the main trap. Don’t get into their trap as you will definitely going to regret later on.

Disrupt Trading Review Summary

All the things that we have noticed into our period of discovery have been sorted out here, and this presents that the Disrupt Trading is a Scam undoubtedly!

Impossible Revenue Gainsyes
Possibility of Being a Scam60-70%
Fake Scarcity Counteryes
Convincing Proof of ProfitsYes
PriceInitial deposit of $250
Comes Across As AuthenticNo
Annoying Browser Pop-UpsNo
Paid Actor Testimonialsyes
Auto-tradingFully auto-trading software


Review Verdict and Conclusion

The Disrupt Trading, App, Software & Auto-trader, and even the Greg Hardman himself is a cheap actor and hence The Disrupt Trading is a big binary options investment SCAM. There is no authenticity, of this software. This system will definitely steal your money with no time. Our team has faced large hardships to investigate all the details and to write this review. So we are warning all the users to avoid this trading tool and can seek alternate means of investing. Whatoneneeds would like to recommend you the most authentic software that can help you to gain larger profits in a fraction of minutes. The most recommended ones are:

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