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Are you planning to invest into this Binary option trading system? Are you anxious to become a millionaire over midnight? Lucrosa is the most promoted binary options trading software. Have you received a mail and you are planning to try this system out? Wait and check out this Lucrosa review before you make a final decision. Here is provided an unbiased factual report about the Lucrosa software which will gradually help you to choose the right way out. In the present times, there are so many fraudulent trading systems that are available in the trading market which is designed to con the innocent minded people and tried hard to get the new lambs to sacrifice for their never satisfying bellies. Our team has dug deep down to know if this software is a Scam or not? And the results were exactly the same which we actually have thought as we started doubting Lucrosa Software. And yes, Lucrosa Software is a Scam!


Lucrosa Software Pitch Video, a Fake one!

Like any other fake trading software, Lucrosa has also included a fake video testimonial, which automatically starts as soon as the main website i.e. “” loads in. As the video begins to play, a person who claims himself as Mr. John Lucrosa, and he asks “Do you want to make over $7000 a day?” Let’s think practically, can anyone make that much from any trading software, such unrealistic claims the brand makes. He pitches the software to make huge profits, does it sound possible in Binary Options Trading if you have an initial deposit of 250$. No, we mean everyone pitches for their business but to some extent not that much.

His fake claims do not end here and he further adds that he will pay an amount of $600 for watching this stupid video. Com’on we have watched this video and we have not got a single penny. In the same video, he claims that each member of the Lucrosa software can make money around $600 per hour and millions of dollars in a single year. And you know what the Funniest part of this fake testimonial, is that he contradicts his own words and later on he claims that you can make $14000 per day. Sounds fascinating? Yea all the lies sound fascinating!

Evidence questioning the authenticity of the Lucrosa Software

John in the same pitching video brings up his software and shows the workings of Lucrosa software live, to convince his audience. This person gives a glance to get this software but it seems as if while making the fake claims he has forgotten to explain how this money-turning software actually works.

John claims that this money-making robot is capable of generating any trader who registers for this system, not less than 7000 dollars every 24 hours. This we hope most of the binary options traders today knows that this is an impossible task. Our team has made several operations to reveal the mysteries that are hidden into the deep motives of this bluffing game.

He continues to give fake statements, and in the course of this video, he fakes beyond the expected level and reveals that a new member will join them and would invest $ 7051 by the next day. With all the evidence we need to make you aware of the actual facts that are concerned with this software.

Lucrosa Software Is 100% Scam, Guaranteed!

Do you want to invest with the blind eyes? With this review we want you to open up your eyes and see the details clearly so that we will be saved from their fraud business. The official website of Lucrosa includes all the basic details but the website misses out the most important information about the services that are provided by them. Services like account types, customer support, or any helpline number all this is missing. Most importantly the manufacturers of this software have forgotten to explain the working of this so –called amazing system. How this system works remains a hidden mystery even after 25 minutes long pitching video. Really Strange!


What about the Lucrosa Inc?

Our team has researched about his company named Lucrosa Inc. And does any company with the name Lucrosa Inc exists? Yes! It does exist. Lucrosa is a US based but John Lucrosa is not the owner of this company. It is quite possible that they have randomly used the mane of the company to trap more people into their scamming project. Moreover as expected there is no further information that is given about John Lucrosa itself.

Should You Join Lucrosa?

NO! Anyone with an initial deposit of 250$ cannot make 7000$ each day and that too with an Auto Pilot. This is not at all possible and these figures are unachievable in the manual trading too and by human mind then how can an auto-trader can make you earn this much amount of money? We recommend all our readers to keep themselves away and safe from the Lucrosa software spam. As we have found no positive aspects of this system in our research software. After undergoing a lot of tests, Lucrosa has not cleared even a single test, then how can you trust this scam?

Lucrosa Software Review Summary:

Fake Scarcity Counteryes
Possibility of Being a Scam60-70%
Comes Across As AuthenticNo
Convincing Proof of ProfitsYes
Paid Actor Testimonialsyes
PriceSign up for free
Auto-tradingFully auto-trading software
Annoying Browser Pop-UpsNo
Impossible Revenue GainsYes

Final verdict

KICK this out! Undoubtedly, Lucrosa software is a binary trading swindle. Their official website itself proves this fact, and the false offers in this video seem absolute false, and this so-called revolutionary software doesn’t exist for any real profit. So, it is advisable to keep yourself at bay with these fraudsters because if you ever invest in this kind of machines you will not earn a single dollar, instead, you will lose all your cash.

**Important Note**

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