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Wawa Inc. is a chain of comfort stations or the gas stations located along the East Coast of the United States. It functions in New Jersey, Delaware,Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Maryland. Its corporate  headquarters is located in the Wawa area of Chester Heights in Greater Philadelphia. It proffers products found at most convenience chain parts such as drinks, and soda and chips. Also, it sells its own branded iced tea, soda, orange juice, and milk.  The assortment of coffee cappuccino flavors and sizes, latte and made-to-order hoagies are its key products. Wawa also provides a brand of hot breakfast products, far-famed of which is the “Sizzli”, and also a full food shop with touch-screen ordering of sandwiches, hot sides, deli meats and built-to-order drinks, Wawa sells beer in Florida and Virginia. Wawa sporadically introduces new items to its menus a sandwich on a distinctive role, and the breakfast hoagie. Seasonal coffee flavors like mint-flavored coffee and a  pumpkin spice in the fall around December is also sold by WAWA.


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